I love Santigold. The story could end here. But it don’t, got that?!



I am pretty sure that this is her in a Converse Shoes campaign. I’ve seen it in both NYC and Chicago, I think. It’s awesome.

So, anyway, on to her music. Everyone loves “L.E.S. Artistes,” and I can see why. Rolling Stone declared it the #2 single of 2008. But there’s genius everywhere else on her album as well. I personally love “Creator” and “You’ll Find a Way.” I love writing to that last one.

And I wouldn’t even classify her as having a beautiful voice. It’s not “beautiful.” It’s more… M.I.A. meets Vampire Weekend. Brilliant! She’s my favorite; buy her stuff. I’d love to see her. I missed her in my town, and couldn’t afford Lollapalooza, when she was playing during Glasvegas, another band I wanted to see….


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