My cooking disaster (*scream heard in the distance*)


From the book Joy of Cooking I made a “Chocolate Cream Pie.” So many, many things went wrong. You should know that I am LEARNING to cook. So I didn’t broil anything like the recipe said to for the milk. Speaking of, I used skim, not full-fat like I probably should have. It did not specify one, in my defense, however.

So the consistency is that of a soup, with random chunks of pudding-like stuff. It’s kind of frightening — the  chunks. You, like, stick your spoon in, and it feels like there’s a baby chipmunk in there. Your head is like, ‘Awwww…. How’d that little guy get in there?’ But then, you feel angry for your sympathy, because it’s really your fault.
The crust browned nicely.

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