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My drawings!

"Charlotte" from Poseur!

"Charlotte" from Poseur!

“Forever to search for the flame” is the quote at the top. It is from Bat for Lashes’ song “Daniel.” I sketched this one, along with the following, myself!

"Melissa" from Poseur

"Melissa" from Poseur

WordPress sure crunched these down small. They look very nice fully-sized. This is “Melissa” and the quote on hers says “loyalty provided by Nikkeesha Kool.” If you’ve read Petty In Pink, yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about, girl. 🙂


Cheerleaders? No, more like FIRECRACKERS.

This is so unbelievably AMAZING.


Back-to-cool. Don’t you love my pun?

Our return to the educational facilities is imminent. For me, it is looming and sort of ominous. It’s dark and gives off a sort-of glow. But that’s just me. Yours might be sunny and radiant, but the going back to school for me is kind of dark and sad. It signals ‘autumn!’ and ‘homework!’ and ‘tests!’ and ‘dramatic!’ sorts of things. Especially now, since I’m switching to a whole new school, when I really just did.

Atleast I don’t have to wear a uniform. That would be unfortunate; I empathize and sympathize with those that must. It’s a hardship, I know, wearing the same plaid skirt and blouse or khakis and polo (POLOS = HORROR).

So, I went to my favorite little site, Polyvore. I hit up the ‘Create’ button like nobody’s business. This is what I exited with, aglow with the wonders that is back-to-cool fashion.

249 by -Tali- featuring mulberry

Let me hear you say pen ‘n’ ink

On my most recent venture to the ever-helpful Photobucket, I found art… You say, ‘Wow, that’s nothing new.’ I say… au contraire… Because this art is in pen and ink! Check it.