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*Berry* Dark

Pun intended. 🙂

I wish I could wear dark nail polish. But the thing is, I’m so pale, and look like Adam Lambert every time I go for the Revlon “Midnight Affair.” It’s a sparkly dark blue. Adam Lambert. This makes me sad, because he creeps me out a little.

So I was searching through my horror of a closet when I stumbled upon what I believe to be September 2008’s CosmoGirl!issue with Lauren Conrad (“The Hills”) on the cover.  I look through it, reminisce on last year’s trends, blah, blah, blah. Then! I got to the Beauty section. The first page is all about berry-colored dark nails. Which I now love. Or atleast just the red and dark fuschia colors. (:



The polish used here is CND brand in “Baroque” (the red polish on the left) and “Velvet.” Remember that this is exactly a year old, and — I checked on it — these colors are no longer sold. Boo. But they have a nice collection now, anyway.




Natasha Khan!

Radiating some of the weirdest music, Bat for Lashes is really fun. And, I discover a little too late, that their frontlady Natasha Khan has the coolest style I’ve seen in a long while. It’s blitz (pun!) : indie + eclectic + bohemian + hipster + Native American + who knows what + a little hint of lady-like (tulle headwear) + Lady GaGa (she ditched the pants).
Theres that tulle!

There's that tulle!

Those grampa undies are AWESOME.

Those grampa undies are AWESOME.

But honestly, I want those shoes. ^ This is at Lollapalooza.

– Tali