Natasha Khan!

Radiating some of the weirdest music, Bat for Lashes is really fun. And, I discover a little too late, that their frontlady Natasha Khan has the coolest style I’ve seen in a long while. It’s blitz (pun!) : indie + eclectic + bohemian + hipster + Native American + who knows what + a little hint of lady-like (tulle headwear) + Lady GaGa (she ditched the pants).
Theres that tulle!

There's that tulle!

Those grampa undies are AWESOME.

Those grampa undies are AWESOME.

But honestly, I want those shoes. ^ This is at Lollapalooza.

– Tali


The British are coming! (x2)

Peaches Geldof!

Peaches Geldof!

Everyone loves this girl. She’s the store-stealer, British tabloid-megakid, NYLON prodigy. How could you not, really? She just gets what she wants. Oh, I see the contradiction in that….

But I do like Peaches. Her style, rather. Much like I like the above poster. ‘It Brits.’ Daisy Lowe, Peaches, Georgia Jagger (MY FAVORITE!!), Lily Allen, er, that’s all I can think of…. EXCEPT ALEXA CHUNG!!! Senorita Awesome TV Show is cooler than Lily Allen + Peaches combined! (But not as cool as Georgia, for the record.) I love It’s On with Alexa Chung. So funny. So digital.

How Many of Me? 1,536 to be exact.

There are 1,536 Talis out there, living, breathing, eating brownies that could be mine. And holding teddy bears. Cute ones with really soft fur. Like mine. His name is Emmett. I love him much, much, much!

How Many of Me?

It’s a totally free, no-strings-attached web site that tells you how many of you there are. You can type in your first name, last name, or both. AT THE SAME TIME. Wow. Look at how technology has evolved.

How primitive.

How primitive.

Try it. It is very fun. And addicting, for like three minutes. And fourteen point six nine eight four seconds, just to be precise.
BTW: There are 102 people named Harry Potter. There are 87 Edward Cullens. There is 1 me. 🙂

Cheerleaders? No, more like FIRECRACKERS.

This is so unbelievably AMAZING.

a tribute to all the hippie goddesses out there

251 by -Tali- featuring Volcom

This is EXACTLY what I want to wear on my first day back. It’s decided. This was my inspiration, from Poseur: Pretty in Pink:

Petra Greene drawn by Rachel Maude aka "Janie Farrish"

Petra Greene drawn by Rachel Maude aka "Janie Farrish"

 I am too lazy to cutoff the scanned-in sides of the pic. Enjoy!

– Tali!

Attack of the Unitooth!

Ah! Run!!!

Ah! Run!!!

It’s like her teeth fused into one giganto uni-tooth. I know, I know… I’m being mean. But just ’cause I’m jealous.


Hmm. It seems like celebrities have to have all their teeth together. And they can’t floss, either, I suppose… but wait, they wouldn’t need to floss then, would they? No food would ever get stuck in between their teeth….

Let’s find some more examples of the unitooth, shall we? *Moseys on over to her local photographicalistical source*


Hmm. (again.) I look now, and it turns out that when one Googles ‘unitooth,’ and ‘unitooth celebrity,’ said one cannot find much. Perhaps it’s not a real word. Ah, well. Scarlett Johansson? You’re unique. Enjoy your day.

– Tali

P.S. ! Quote is from my currently favorite author, Rachel Maude. Try out Petty in Pink, yo. IT’S A BOOK!

Blog… blog… bloooog…

Say the word. Just say it to yourself. Blog. Blaaawwwg. Blog. Bloooog. No matter how you say it, now matter your awesome accent (try me: Italian, Irish, Scottish, French, English, Southern, Russian, New Yorker, Sri Lankan, Cayman Islander, Jamaican, Valley Girlyan, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Transylvanian, Hawaiian, Greek, McDonalds Cashierian. Yeah. I know accents.), no matter your professionalism — it always sounds the same. Dull, horrible, lifeless. (Side note: much like my love of commas and parentheses today…) Blah-og. It’s a horribly filthy combination of lame and ogre!!! And it’s coming to get you! To infilitrate your computer and techie-child mind like it was its for the taking!!!

Maybe we should call it a web log. I bet no one’s even thought of that! It’s unique to me. I copyright it, so ha ha. Take that, “Chip” of Customer Services who I spent two hours on the phone with trying to figure out the scanner! Take that! I have more technological ideas than you! And, no, Chip, I will not crack open the scanner with a screwdriver.