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Blog… blog… bloooog…

Say the word. Just say it to yourself. Blog. Blaaawwwg. Blog. Bloooog. No matter how you say it, now matter your awesome accent (try me: Italian, Irish, Scottish, French, English, Southern, Russian, New Yorker, Sri Lankan, Cayman Islander, Jamaican, Valley Girlyan, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Transylvanian, Hawaiian, Greek, McDonalds Cashierian. Yeah. I know accents.), no matter your professionalism — it always sounds the same. Dull, horrible, lifeless. (Side note: much like my love of commas and parentheses today…) Blah-og. It’s a horribly filthy combination of lame and ogre!!! And it’s coming to get you! To infilitrate your computer and techie-child mind like it was its for the taking!!!

Maybe we should call it a web log. I┬ábet no one’s even thought of that! It’s unique to me. I copyright it, so ha ha. Take that, “Chip” of Customer Services who I spent two hours on the phone with trying to figure out the scanner! Take that! I have more technological ideas than you! And, no, Chip, I will not crack open the scanner with a screwdriver.