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The British are coming! (x2)

Peaches Geldof!

Peaches Geldof!

Everyone loves this girl. She’s the store-stealer, British tabloid-megakid, NYLON prodigy. How could you not, really? She just gets what she wants. Oh, I see the contradiction in that….

But I do like Peaches. Her style, rather. Much like I like the above poster. ‘It Brits.’ Daisy Lowe, Peaches, Georgia Jagger (MY FAVORITE!!), Lily Allen, er, that’s all I can think of…. EXCEPT ALEXA CHUNG!!! Senorita Awesome TV Show is cooler than Lily Allen + Peaches combined! (But not as cool as Georgia, for the record.) I love It’s On with Alexa Chung. So funny. So digital.