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How Many of Me? 1,536 to be exact.

There are 1,536 Talis out there, living, breathing, eating brownies that could be mine. And holding teddy bears. Cute ones with really soft fur. Like mine. His name is Emmett. I love him much, much, much!

How Many of Me?

It’s a totally free, no-strings-attached web site that tells you how many of you there are. You can type in your first name, last name, or both. AT THE SAME TIME. Wow. Look at how technology has evolved.

How primitive.

How primitive.

Try it. It is very fun. And addicting, for like three minutes. And fourteen point six nine eight four seconds, just to be precise.
BTW: There are 102 people named Harry Potter. There are 87 Edward Cullens. There is 1 me. 🙂

Cheerleaders? No, more like FIRECRACKERS.

This is so unbelievably AMAZING.