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You call this a recipe? (LOL for the Day)


  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 3 tablespoons water

So, the above ^ is a recipe from AllRecipes.com. Or, it’s really just the ingredients. It is a CARAMEL recipe. Last time I checked, water was not one of the prime ingredients in major caramel retailers’ products.

Yeah… Wow. I sure look obsessive. Eeek! Please forgive my harshness. I’m a little intense…



): (Your LOL for the Day)

How would you feel if people flaunted off stuff you can’t have? Hmm. Well, it happens all the time, I’m sure. But any who, I was at the fair just a day or two ago, and I played games to try and win a stuffed toy.

Some great photography, people.

Some great photography, people.

So anyway, I came to yearn for one of the giant stuffed bananas. But, I am horrible at the games (I guess I’m not too coordinated), and before I knew it, all my tickets were gone. And so I saw bananas everywhere. Toddlers, grown men, people my age. How unfair.

Example #1 of the other winners. (Not me.) (Or anyone I know.)

Example #1 of the other winners. (Not me.) (Or anyone I know.)

See! Even monkeys are better at tossing rings onto soda bottles than I am!



Attack of the Unitooth!

Ah! Run!!!

Ah! Run!!!

It’s like her teeth fused into one giganto uni-tooth. I know, I know… I’m being mean. But just ’cause I’m jealous.


Hmm. It seems like celebrities have to have all their teeth together. And they can’t floss, either, I suppose… but wait, they wouldn’t need to floss then, would they? No food would ever get stuck in between their teeth….

Let’s find some more examples of the unitooth, shall we? *Moseys on over to her local photographicalistical source*


Hmm. (again.) I look now, and it turns out that when one Googles ‘unitooth,’ and ‘unitooth celebrity,’ said one cannot find much. Perhaps it’s not a real word. Ah, well. Scarlett Johansson? You’re unique. Enjoy your day.

– Tali

P.S. ! Quote is from my currently favorite author, Rachel Maude. Try out Petty in Pink, yo. IT’S A BOOK!

Your LOL for the *YEAR*

Okay, if you’ve read anything by Rachel Maude — *cough, cough – Poseur — which you certainly should have by now, you will find her insanely awesome on her blog, which I am now being fed. I don’t mean it that way! I, um, mean, like those RSS or CSS or whatever feeds. You know what I mean. Whatever. Here is the linky linky. Check it.




Your LOL for the Day: What is this about?

football belly!