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Have you heard of the Venetian Princess? (LOL for the Day)

She is the most popular female on YouTube from my last look. She does parodies on Lady GaGa, Miley, Britney Spears, even the Octomom. Check her out, she’s hilarious.


My favorite of hers is… the “Octo Mom Song.” She does good look-changing too. But alone, she is like some very made-up version of Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.



Attack of the Unitooth!

Ah! Run!!!

Ah! Run!!!

It’s like her teeth fused into one giganto uni-tooth. I know, I know… I’m being mean. But just ’cause I’m jealous.


Hmm. It seems like celebrities have to have all their teeth together. And they can’t floss, either, I suppose… but wait, they wouldn’t need to floss then, would they? No food would ever get stuck in between their teeth….

Let’s find some more examples of the unitooth, shall we? *Moseys on over to her local photographicalistical source*


Hmm. (again.) I look now, and it turns out that when one Googles ‘unitooth,’ and ‘unitooth celebrity,’ said one cannot find much. Perhaps it’s not a real word. Ah, well. Scarlett Johansson? You’re unique. Enjoy your day.

– Tali

P.S. ! Quote is from my currently favorite author, Rachel Maude. Try out Petty in Pink, yo. IT’S A BOOK!

Blog… blog… bloooog…

Say the word. Just say it to yourself. Blog. Blaaawwwg. Blog. Bloooog. No matter how you say it, now matter your awesome accent (try me: Italian, Irish, Scottish, French, English, Southern, Russian, New Yorker, Sri Lankan, Cayman Islander, Jamaican, Valley Girlyan, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Transylvanian, Hawaiian, Greek, McDonalds Cashierian. Yeah. I know accents.), no matter your professionalism — it always sounds the same. Dull, horrible, lifeless. (Side note: much like my love of commas and parentheses today…) Blah-og. It’s a horribly filthy combination of lame and ogre!!! And it’s coming to get you! To infilitrate your computer and techie-child mind like it was its for the taking!!!

Maybe we should call it a web log. I bet no one’s even thought of that! It’s unique to me. I copyright it, so ha ha. Take that, “Chip” of Customer Services who I spent two hours on the phone with trying to figure out the scanner! Take that! I have more technological ideas than you! And, no, Chip, I will not crack open the scanner with a screwdriver.

Your LOL for the *YEAR*

Okay, if you’ve read anything by Rachel Maude — *cough, cough – Poseur — which you certainly should have by now, you will find her insanely awesome on her blog, which I am now being fed. I don’t mean it that way! I, um, mean, like those RSS or CSS or whatever feeds. You know what I mean. Whatever. Here is the linky linky. Check it.




Your LOL for the Day: What is this about?

football belly!